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Welcome to He Wrote She Wrote Again, a blog about a blog about writing by Bob Mayer and Jenny Crusie. 

In 2007, we did a year long project on how to write fiction called He Wrote She Wrote.  Now in 2020, we’re sheltering in place (not in the same place, in Tennessee and New Jersey) and talking about how we’ve changed in some of our writing ideas and haven’t changed in others (Jenny still hates prologues and flashbacks, Bob still likes prologues and flashbacks). 

Each week, we’ll link to an old post and then follow with a chat transcript where we talk about how much smarter we are now, and how we agree or disagree with our old opinions, using whatever we’re working on or reading or watching as examples.   

The big thing to remember is that there are many roads to Oz, aka, it’s your book, write it the way you want to. The writing ideas we argue here, any ideas you hear or read anywhere about writing craft, are just things that other people do because they find them helpful. Find what works for you and do that. It is always, always, always your story first.

(Also, hello to any old CherryBombs who’ve found us again. We’ve missed you.)

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Questions on Narrative Structure from Argh

Over on the Argh Ink blog, people have been asking questions about the Narrative Structure post and others, so I brought the questions over here. Jinx wrote: The only problem with reading Mayer & Crusie on structure is that the two of you are so knowledgeable about classic structural patterns that you use shorthand or […]

Narrative Structure

Note:  It took us a while to get traction on this chat, so prepare to skim.  JENNY: Narrative Structure. Hmmm, big topic. First, you can use any narrative structure you want, even make up your own. (Translucent linear, anyone?) I think the majority (although by all means not all) of modern stories are linear, in the way […]

The Omniscient Translucent Discussion

So Bob and I are having a PoV standoff in e-mail. (Yes, we are boring.) The problem arose when we were doing the PoV post for HWSWA. He said something in his intro that I missed, and then he referred to it again at the end, where I took it as a joke. It wasn’t […]


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